Hello my fashionista friends, we have marched into new month filled with new opportunities and possibilities. Why not make most of it. As soon as spring is over, and air starts getting warmer, you know summers is ready to spell its magic. Not being a summer person as in Miami it gets exceptionally and scorching hot, as others get ready to hit the beach, buying bathing suits I prefer to stay indoors. But with a toddler that ain’t happening so what do we do? We find good weather day to hit parks, weekends by swimming pool and for me I explore for my favorite pair of outfit just to soak beautiful Miami eves. Yes, no matter what weather it is Miami eves are the perfect time to go for a stroll or just find a spot and sit just to see the enchanting sunset and sky. my heart fills with all kind of joys when pleasant wind passes through each strand of my tresses. talking about fashion wise summer is back as bold as ever!  Light colors, floral prints, laces and nudes is all about this summer. Style and fashion trends keep changing but I believe beauty can be versatile. I don’t believe in following the routine of fashion, I believe you can be anything if you have faith in yourself. Don’t restrictive for the sake of trends but follow and make your own trends. And that’s what I did today. Every summer has its own story and mine starts here. Throw together nudes and floral for an evening out and you’ll achieve an effortless and chic edge.


In the middle of my daily routine and motherhood, I took some timeout from all of it, I got dressed in my most adored colors and patterns!



Top: Mudd Style

Skirt: willow and clay

Bag and heels : steve madden


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