Good hair speaks louder than words, today’s post is about our beautiful tresses, for what we spend hundreds of dollars just to get that look, that makes up a good or bad day! Well at least it is that for me. I would not step outside home if I’m having a bad hair day. A good hair day can make me feel like I rule the world. And this what we are gonna talk about. Today I will talk about how obsessed I’m with my hairs and what measures I take to take care of them. What precautions and what alternates I had to take for the given circumstances…



It all started in my adolescent phase and it was not so easy for me, as my mom made me take an oath to never color nor to do chemical treatment. LITERALLY!! we occasionally had argued over this topic but at the end as usual my mom was on winning side. But today when I look back I thank my mom for never letting me do all those sorts because I realized the nature of my hair. I mean I’m so glad it worked out for you all who color treated and how you gals managed to keep them safe and healthy but it sure is no more my cup of tea. It’s not like I don’t like being color or chemically treated after all who does not like change every once in their while. But it was a bitter truth for me that my hairs are not meant to be treated for experiments. I love to leave my hair open untied but with a deadly combo of dull frizzy dry and wavy, it kept me always concerned about how they’d look if I just let them be. Today I can say I love my hairs and the way they feel when the wind blows in them when I leave them open because of the ways I found to take care of my hairs. And this is what I do to keep them healthy breathy and happy:



long hair, don’t care



  1. Henna treatment: Henna treatment not only gives my hair increased shine, softness and luster but that color too which I have always desired. it’s possible it increased my curls and it never looked so beautiful. I have long hair, so I added 1 cup henna in a bowl and added some water a night before I apply, it should be a thick yogurt like consistency. Wrap a towel around your neck just in case there is a spill. Choose a free day for yourself because it takes a whole day for me, I usually do it on a free Sunday, I apply it in the morning to all my hair for 2-3 hours from roots to end. I wash It thoroughly with plane water and use my regular shampoo conditioner the next day. You might want to use gloves as it leaves that color in your hands. You can add an egg’s white for best results. I usually do this once in every 3 months and it works like wonder for me. You can buy one from under $10.

NOTE: If your hair is black you may see some amber shine in the light. It works great for me because I have light brown hair color, and I don’t color my hair with chemicals. Henna isn’t a “hair dye” it is a natural plant and it bonds to the keratin in your hair staining it. So it’s not actually stripping off your color, if your hair is blonde you will see the red. If your hair is dark you may not see it, but it is still well worth it.

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  1. Oil treatment: I do this every Sunday as I use a lot of flat iron and curling machines. this treatment works great for me as 1. I have frizzy and dry hair and 2. And as I said I use a lot hair product, this treatment heals all the damaged hair due to heating machines and makes my hair feel moisturized and conditioned. With 3 tablespoon regular olive oil, 1 tablespoon honey and one egg white. Mix it well and apply it all over your hair 2 hours prior your bath. And yes you can use your regular shampoo conditioner at the same time. It does not make your hair look oily, I use only a small quantity per application as it spreads really well.

NOTE: You can use just honey and oil if you are vegan, if you have dandruff prone scalp you can add a few drops of lemon. It may feel itchy but that is how it is supposed to work.


  1. Change your pillowcases every once in a week, it is not only good for your hair but great for your skin too. A healthy hair needs a good night sleep so take at least 7-8 hours of sleep to help your hair conditions repair those damage. If you want your skin and hair to look younger and healthier during the day, it’s important to adopt these nighttime habits for strong, lush and in positive hair growth mode.

Besides all those natural hair care treatment I do take some help from some good hair products:



I know that’s a lot to do just for your hairs, but Oh the things you do for your beloved. ❤️

If your hair could talk, what would it say to you right now? share your views, thoughts and let me know how helpful was this for you with like share and comment. Till then see you all very soon with more interesting content.

With love


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