A What?

Hello everyone, Today’s post is about  how it happened, where it all started, from there (New Delhi, India) to France to here (Miami), from being a regular girl working in a regular job to a lady to a BLOGGER!! When this bug named blogging bit me. Not a trend that i was suppose to follow just because it is! out of the blue from nowhere and all of sudden? These are the questions everyone has been asking, Well to let you guys know it is not at all out of sudden, or out of the blue.. it was something I always wanted to, A long overdue dream which I am fulfilling now. Working in the job and thinking about fashion statement earrings and heels was all I used to have in my mind, and there it started grow.

Dinard, France

My dream took a flight when I got married and my hubby booked a professional photographer to surprise me. That was the moment I knew this is what I want to do. All those candid pictures, all dressed up, all the attention, it was everything I wanted in my life. 😉  In that moment it felt I was living my dream.

_MG_0478 2_MG_0532

New Delhi’s top notch wedding 😜

Wedding was done, we flied straight to France where we lived for some 8 months. We lived in Rennes in France which was 2 hours away from Paris. In that while I became my husband’s muse. You can see I’m sooo f*$#@nn tired and this photographer of mine isn’t stopping here too. LOL!! 😂 Kidding babe I love it when you ask me to pose this and that and no matter what is always ready to do so.  It was a whole new level of everything, where there is no stopping of anything, newly wedded, traveling to different countries, shopping all the trends from Paris streets andddd Getting Clicked caught up me more with my passion.

IMG_0598 2


Palace of Versailles

Why I did not started on my dream is all because I was a freakinn newly wedded wife who was too busy enjoying this new life, setting up my new home and learning to balance this new phase. Time well spent, I got to explore many beautiful places like Amsterdam, Paris, Rennes (this is where I lived though, but It still counts) and so on. Time passed we moved to US, where again I thought to pursue on blogging but.. I was so caught up with my memories in Europe that It took me a year to adjust in US and it’s totally different life. Within that year I had a baby too, and that was a whole new level of everything. I got so hung up with this life that my dream started to fade, but thank god better late than never, my kid is growing up, she understands me better now, I had an ample of time to think of beginning this journey. I don’t want to forget how supportive these people were, and how much they are excited to see me going!!!

Tuileries Garden

So you can say now it was not out of the blues, the best part is I’m living it and loving it and here I’m. The whole point is it’s never too late to follow something you love, and desire for. Follow your heart follow your dream and you will achieve all the highs of happiness. all we need is a kick in our asses to get started. and once you know where you heart lies there’s nothing that can stop you.DSC_5608


Signing off here guys with a promise of coming back real soon. Keep it stylish keep it fit. 💞

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