Beautiful Miami winters

Yes even though most of the parts of Europe and the US are still stuck under the extremes and ferocious of Snow storm, Florida is doing it differently. I lived in France for almost a year, I have travelled a lot in this while. I was head over heels in love with Europe and everything about it, weather, its style, the glamorous streets of Paris, food. And with food I mean French style veggie pizzeria, its world class bakery as I’m a proud vegetarian. ACCEPT of its coldest winters I loved everything about it. I remember I used to layer 4 sweaters in the temperature of 40 F.  I’m a kind of person who sits wrapped in the blanket at the temperature in 70s F. IT took me 5 years to learn the perks of living of this part of the US.


Sure it’s been 5 years that we lived in US, and now I have started accepting the lifestyle, eating habits and most important WEATHER!! Seriously!! Miami is beautiful throughout the year, but winter part is like a blessing even though it is short in its span. Although the temperature could still dip around 30 F with frost around in some parts of Florida it is still exciting. Camping, holiday activities, visits to Zoo and touristic places is even more adventurous around this time. Not too hot not too cold is the nature of Miami winters and that’s how I describe it. And now I love everything about it, I don’t know why it took me this long to realize. My favorite part of it is change of style and fashion on the streets during this time of the year. When a full sleeve dress does wonders for me, this cute at the same time sexy booties could save your day on a temperature of 35 F as it was two days ago. The moment I wake up I checked the weather updates and I knew what I’m doing and what I’m wearing. I rocked this cute little dress from @forever21 and shoes from @aldo Whereas my hubby was all layered up. Well there is very little room of rather feeling cold when you are this much in style. Jokes apart, this dress did a great job if I talk about being in comfort. I love being in cotton even in coldest weather and this outfit did everything as I expected.


As days are still warmer but don’t let it fool you because evenings are the most pleasant and so is the coolest so don’t forget to carry a lightweight jacket with neutral colors will do for you.


And this has been my fav winter look, I did throw some bodysuit tops along with classic denims which i will feature soon before i say bye bye to this seasons miami winters. Until then I will cherish each passing day before sweaty and humid summers give its appearance. What is so special about miami winters is I’m not limited with just jackets, coats sweaters and I’m not doing dresses just for the heck of style but it has been so easy going time.


What are your tips on what to wear in winters, let me know in the comment box. Signing off with a bit of excitement as spring is in the row waiting for us. Enjoy the rest of the week ahead. ❤️

Dress: @forever21


Eye makeup: @Pixibeauty

lips: @trestique

highlighter: @toofaced


Anjali Jayant

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  1. You look very lovely in this outfit and love the matching accessories! You’re so lucky that you’re in Florida. Stuck in the winter storm here in DC which sucks and can’t wait for the weather to be like 70 degrees. Wish I could also be in Miami haha. Enjoy the weather girl ❤

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  2. Wow, this dress is so wonderful :))) Thank you forinspiering me. By now here is summer, too. today I turned of my Infrarote Heizung :O :D….so I’m ready for fancy summer dresses :))) Have a nice weekend! Best wishes, yours Pia 😉


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