Is it Monday yet!



So umm.. I’m alive! I’m not sick either THANK GOD!! Well instead I was too busy nurturing, feeding, and taking care of two growing up babies. Oh yes, two babies! The younger one would be my husband. 💞 who becomes just as a kid when he is sick. Yup this was my past a week story! as my kids caught cold and cough, it got really tough to juggle with their school and office, Thank goodness they both had a speedy recovery and are off to their duties. But It felt like my week started and ended with nothing, and here comesssss the weekend…….!!! Which I used to crave as soon as Monday comes 😆 but I think I’ve got in that phase where I just hate it. With being lazy, doing nothing but eat sleep repeat. I think I’m so over of that phase. Hey don’t call me an old lady or total grown up!! Call me motivated, who can’t wait enough for Monday to get started to kick some ass of the lazy weekend. Seriously!! I love getting back on my feet literally as sit and eat is all I do on weekends but thanks to who created Sunday created Monday as well to keep the balance well maintained 😝. And that’s gonna be my motto and word of the, don’t hate Monday, make Monday hate you!! Apart of waking up again early in the morning after two days of rest and lazing around I love everything about it. After all I get to be back on the track, back in the routine. Which is my favorite thing these days!



All thanks to my husband, who gifted me @Nike training stuff as told you on my first blog I feel so motivated ever since! Every time I put them on I start feeling like I lose 2 pounds already 😉. That’s called motivation my friends and that’s all we all need to get started. I always hated to go to gym working out sweating that precious sweat, to tell you the truth I have never worked out in my life!! Like never ever in my life!! Not even running nor any exercises but I tell you it’s so worth it once you start on that. And you know what worked for me! Take it from my own personal experience, gifting yourself with some treats. Oh no not these kind of treat 🍟🍰🍔 but the things that will start you to go on with the journey of fitness. This is gift from my husband way later I started but when I begin with to reach my fitness goals I bought myself new running shoes and a fit tea that I bought from the so, every time I have a thought of giving up I think it this way “everything that I bought to get started is gonna go in waste and even if I skip today to eat my favorite thing I will have wasted all my hard work. And there is gonna be one day when you will thank yourself for not giving up, that you are not gonna need fit tea to keep you going. Well if it worked for me hell it is gonna work for all of you. And that’s why love Monday!! And finally here it is! I tell you getting started with Monday is hell no easy for me either but yes once it is here it’s like everything will fall back in the pieces.




Signing here with more stuff coming weekend and please do not forget to like and leave your comments just as a view or suggestion till then keep it in style and stay fit! 💞

Cap: Adidas

top, sports bra, legging, shoes: Nike



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  1. First of all…I love to read it… And in fact wait for your next blog the minute I finish reading one…and I would like to tell you that you are a source of inspiration and motivation for many women out there … So just keep going ! Don’t stop ..
    Lots of love❤️

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