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‘Color Black’ From My Style to My Savior



Hello my beautiful friends, I first of all like to thank you for your warm and positive response and how much it boosted my confidence about my first blog. Your beautiful wishes and positivity worked wonders to my will and my soul. 😇  So, I think you know what I’m gonna talk about today and also, I think a lot of you are gonna relate with this one too!! So here It begins:



I’m gonna get started about how colors influenced my life literally!! Outta all of ‘em one particularly got stuck with me from my teen age and till now and that is the many shades of BLACK and BLACK!! Lol 😆 oh yeah ever since I entered my teen phase I got so much in depth of black that there was one time I thought black is my soul color too! Ha-ha 😜 I remember vividly when I would hide all my clothes from my mom when it’s time for laundry coz I know it would have ended up in ah-lot of drama in the house. 😆 It was nothing at all about being gothic too. Maybe It was more of a feeling of power and strength, hiding your flaws, at least that’s how I felt about it. It was a part of a phase of me which I would not want to recall. There was a time when I had this tee which I kept till 6 years!  Most particularly because it was such a beautiful fit. It also reminded me that I was same size throughout these years, without any efforts.



Years gone, I got married to the man who brought many other colors in my life. Not only he picked colors for me, but he helped me picking up other different styles too. And as time passed I grew up mentally, I got pregnant, I got matured as a daughter, wife and mother, I grew larger too!! Physically!!! 😝 it was the most blissful time of my life from being a wife to a mother, but I could not let it fit it my mind how large I grew out. My husband, my family and friends kept on encouraging me how graceful a motherhood phase is and asked me to accept my body as it is. And if I can’t deal with it then start doing something about it. But I was never a gym or workout person, so instead of working on me I started learning ways to hide it by going back to color Black. So, from there it was a start of  how “BLACK” became my style to my savior. If I think about it I barely have a full picture of me after my pregnancy. I started wearing black to hide my flaws and posing (which I love to do) in a certain manner that hid those extra loved handles 😂. And that was the time I started questioning myself why it is have to be like that and till when. I don’t want to forget to mention how much I enjoyed my pre and post pregnancy phase with my love of my life my daughter and how much she became the reason of my happiness. But there was something about me that kept bugging me.


Well time went by, my daughter grew up, and I also stopped fitting in my pre-pregnancy clothes, but that is what started motivating me. I promised myself I will try my best to not let it affect my daughter. My daughter should love all the colors which we see we love we admire and that brings positive energy. After all a child’s first role model is her parent. Most of all I don’t want to go through what my mother has 😜, I started buys all type of colors but black. As my daughter started her school I started looking after myself once again. Doing few 15 mins bits of workouts at home to going for a walk morning an evening filled my life with a new meaning of happiness. I’m much happier more positive and much calmer as a mother and as a person. And this is not stopping here. Black is no more my only color anymore. It is more of my style but in moderation. I hope this post has helped all of us on how colors influence us all in our lives and in particularly me on how much it has done for me from that person (my teens) to this.



This look is one of my favorite ones, elegant and classy. I love getting maxi dressed. And of course, it is from one of the same time when I was gaining anything but weight, but you see how I’m showing off my sheds now 🤣 lol. I hope there was enough inspiring content in this post. Please leave your views below about it too.



I will be signing off here with a promise of coming back. Keep it healthy keep it fit.


Dress is from: #pantloonsfashion

heels: @TJmaxx

Watch: @mkwatches

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