My Valentine’s Day look AND story

Hello everyone, this is my first ever blog with some pictures that are not so perfect but hey! It is just a start of a journey which was in my heart since forever. So here it goes…


I have never been a valentine person and I’m thankful that I’m with a person who feels the same but at the same time loves me so much. I always thought “Valentine shalentine what is that all about”! lol!! Love should not be labeled bounded for only one specific day, if you love somebody every day is a valentine day. We still did efforts just for the sake of the day. But as time passed by in my 5 year old marriage I realized something important, something I never thought would occur in my mind. We have been married and blessed with a baby girl after a year of wedlock. I love my husband unconditionally, but it has been such a busy life ever since that I think we forgot to create a little bit spark between us. Roses, dinners, here’s your gift got so usual that it didn’t felt like ‘oh it is valentine’s day’. I Don’t want to forget to mention these have been pure blessed 5 years of my life. And this time something happened, something extraordinary, my husband bought me gift which I never thought off unexpectedly.



It was just like another day when I was getting my daughter ready for her school, to begin with I forgot it was valentine’s day 😜 Come on! Waking up at 6 and running around since then can make you slip a few things from your mind and you are allowed to do that every once in a while, 🤣. Well we sat in the car almost ready to go and here my husband brought a Nike bag stuffed with all the training stuff which was in my list, but I was not getting enough time to buy and not to mention that I never ever mention it to my husband. And her it goes; my eyes had a shine of 440 watt of bulbs 🤩 oh yeah just like this!! Ha-ha! I thanked him, I told him how much I love him, and I apologized to him that I forgot to bring him something 😂. But yes, I cooked him a real good dinner coz you know what, a good handmade meal will never go out of style.



And that’s the beauty of our relationship, I’m a little crazy but my husband’s the sweetest guy who loves and understand me. unlike me he doesn’t need gifts to show some love lol!! Kidding guys, so after 5 years of marriage our 5th valentine I realize how important these cute sweet day this is! It only grows your love a little stronger and more powerful. I haven’t stopped smiling ever since and yes that spark is back which I’m gonna hold onto forever.


And this way my Valentine’s day story, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please leave a comment or a view about it.


Shall see you all soon. ❤️

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