Oh look what almost happened…

Hello everyone, I first of all want to say thanks for appreciating my blogs coz you guys have no idea every time I post a blog I have the same kind of nervousness as I had when I posted the first time! But you guys make it so easy when you say such nice things. It not only boosts my confidence, but it also gives me an enthusiast to write more stuff.


I know the pictures does not justify this cute little incidence that happened with me last week but hey! Its weekend and here it is what it is! so, it goes like this…

it was a typical Friday eve, we came home from a dinner, felt tired feeling sleepy as soon as we entered home. After tucking in my kids in their bed I noticed a trash bag sitting in the corner ready to be trashed. It must be 9:30 pm something and which was not a big of a deal I thought before go to the bed lets trash it out. As soon as I reached trash dumper I turned around to my way back to home I noticed someone was behind me. It was just a coincidence that another residence was behind me for his way to home. I must have not thought of it this way though. 😂



So guess what must have happened!!! I was on my way and I noticed he was behind me and my brain horses started speeding up!! “what if he is a killer Or a kidnapper!! What if he is following me! I started walking even more fast, and all kind of self-defense videos started hitting my mind which I watch in my free time! I kept on walking, and at the end of the road I stopped and looked behind from the side of my eyes!! And there it is, I was so ready to kick him in his damn willy!!! 😂  And it all happened in the split of the second when I was waiting for him one more step near. And that damn gentleman must have felt that him walking behind me like this must have made me uncomfortable, he must have been 10 steps behind me when I stopped and took a gaze at him from the side, I could feel my heart was pumping, blood thrusting up and back, it felt like I was a Ninja waiting for the hit. I’m repeating again this all happened in the fraction of the second when he stopped walking too. He stood there, lifted his hands up in the air, and apologized. I looked him closely this time and ‘oh he is my neighbor who lives next door. He stood there until I reached my home safely. After rushing towards my home, I saw him from my window, he stood there until I locked my door. Gosh!! What a gentleman he was!!


I started thinking what if it could have been an accident. What if that guy was kicked in his favorite area for nothing! But I am so relieved that I was ready for the situation. I was not afraid, but I was confident about my guts. So moral of this incident and why I thought of writing about it is to encourage everyone to not to be afraid of anything “You are responsible of your own self” “you are your own self-defense” and “you can make the table turn around for yourself” and never restrict yourself from any fear but make your own ways to keep yourself safe. After this incident I’m more careful and attentive and also, I have started learning some clever small tricks of self-defense.





This dress has all my favorite colors which match my love for nude lip shades. The style of dress goes well for those who enjoy cold windy days without feeling restricted with a comfort.

I hope this little article helped you to overcome fears, I hope you liked it, and if so, please don’t forget to hit like, and comment in the comment box. Signing off from here with a promise of come back.


Dress: @forever21

Heels: @parishilton

Earrings: My own personal collection

With Love

Anjali Jayant

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